Digital Marketing- NMIMS June 2021 Solved Assignment

Digital Marketing

Q1. What is world-wide-web? Discuss Web 1.0 to 5.0 with relevant examples (10 Marks)


Our present life revolves around the internet every second. We extract every possible information from various sources on the internet. How do we get to know the reason for its popularity? It is by going back to the origin of the world wide web. We all search for some crucial information every day by adding some links to the Google search engine. With the wide range of eCommerce stores opening up their website on Google, it is crucial to know how these web systems work. Here, maintaining with the latest trends has become significant in recent years. With one word, we can find various links with different citations. The unique thing about the internet is that it is different from the term worldwide web. Although we use them interchangeably, these terms have different meaning as a whole. With the term trends, it’s version also changes. Here are different versions of the World Wide Web, from the original one to the updated part.

Concept and Application

 It is an interconnection of a systematic approach to serving public WebPages to the world. The word itself explains its functions and operations for the internet world. As said above, the internet is a broader term, and www is just a series of applications built to offer people to use the internet in a relevant manner. Before moving on to the description of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee gave the world this series of applications. He curated the first web server as well as web browser along with webpage in the computer system. World Wide Web gives us the reason to move forward with the trend to provide a valuable service to its other audience. Its overall mission includes education and outreach. From its origin till now, the web has converted itself into various versions. It has led to the head of multiple technologies in different domains. After designing the www, Tim Berners-Lee gives W3C to update the internet with micro-detailed information. The web consists of several components that include HTTP protocol ( Now HTTPS). Another component is the URL which was formally called the Universal Document Identifier. The main component that comes under the www systworld wideerlinked. It acts as a connection between resources as an essential link. The primary aim for setting up a world wide web was to extract the given information for different users setting up their resources series. Several components come along with the web page connected to the World Wide Web as a hypertext document. Other interfaces need to be explored in the given set of computer systems. The worldwide web gained worldwide popularity by the creation of a web browser that is called Mosaic. It has an oceanic like data system that serves the users with the given set of links to retrieve different information sources.

Web 1.0 – It is the first stage of the web that is the “read-only web”. The early-stage allows us to search for the information and read the desired one. As the version number tells us that it is as old as it gets updated with the new one. It had less interaction with the audience and less content generation. The next part comes to be of web 2.0. With the next series, the web applications help the users to create the given trend on the internet to reach out to the updated business strategies for the upcoming challenges in different markets.

Web 2.0 Dale Dougherty gives this version in 2004 as the read-write web. It provides us industry news, reviews, and descriptions for various products and services with possible analyses.

Web 3.0: John Markoff gave this term in 2006. It is known as an executable web. It is called an executable web because it offers us the version of the semantic web – to understand the meaning of words more than keywords and numbers. It is also accessible by multiple applications. It offers us artificial intelligence and 3D graphics with a reliable connectivity system.

Web 4.0 Also known as mobile web. Web 5.0Reflects the value of intelligent web = Emotional web.


To conclude, the World Wide Web has all the related information to all the pages that you have searched for your reference. It has led to a revolutionary change in how people live their life. It is convenient to look for a simple dinner set to the luxurious car showrooms on the internet. On top of that, the World Wide Web has different versions to aim for individual’s information to be found effectively. With the change in the trends, one may never know that different versions come up for people to hold on to for more visualizing experience in finding relevant information. It seems to be easy for many people to lead their team to confidential information, but that is not how the World Wide Webworks. This collection of web pages has to offer a lot of briefs to the audience.

2. You run a local beauty parlor in Mumbai. Write a Google AdWords Search Campaign for the same. (10 Marks)

Answer 2.


Remember those times when local shops used to print flyers for their advertising strategies. It still happens, but it does not work. Why? Because of the advent of digital marketing. Setting up an eCommerce website is not tough these days. Anyone can open these websites and run their business online. It is all because of the transparency in the relationship between a company and its audience.

They put up the exact product and service that their audience needs and searches on the internet. It is one reason why local businesses are going online to grab a chance to expand their audience from different states. However, it is not easy to put up an ad for your business on Google. It involves a particular strategy to follow up for more traffic on the website. Content marketing is an essential strategy, along with the ad running procedure on Google. Here are the specific details on how to run advertisements for your local business online.

Concept and Application:

When we plan for the local business to make it successful via online mode, it is considered crucial to set up a series of steps to make your audience love your services. It is essential to look upon the series of observations that a manager would be interested in planning for their online business strategies’ upcoming opportunities. Google helps the business owners to move to the support for all the required help that a business might need to place your ads on suitable webpages. It is the essential part of the online marketing tools to set up your ads by incurring fewer costs than the offline mode.

When businesses start working on the relevant ads modules, it helps the company get more sales and website traffic. Above all, it increases the reach of your website. The business’s primary motive to set up an AdWord search campaign is to make people love your website and its content. The company’s main move to undertake these steps is that it helps the business get ranked on the top. The next series of benefits grabbed by numerous websites is that it gives appropriate targeting options for your specific categories of customers. For your particular products and services, ads are easy to create and tweak a little bit if the manager cannot look at the release of traffic for the website.

If the search engines itself gives you the required steps to run your AdWords campaign? Yes, Google support may help the managers to look forward to the particular strategy for their products and services. Whenever a business starts to search for the various sources of keywords to bet upon for the reliable ads campaign, there are a series of hidden steps that Google shows the manager lead the multiple sources of ads in the particular period. There are specific advantages for your business to move forward with the Google AdWords search campaign. Managers can look at how the website is navigating its audience to the relevant call to action. Let’s move higher with the series of steps to set up a reliable search campaign for the local beauty parlor.

Create a new search campaign:

Creating a new campaign leads to the right side of the keywords set up with the accurate words of ads. Set up a new goal to achieve a particular set of sales, leads and traffic for the upcoming business offers. Suppose a manager does not want to set any plans so far! They can do that as well.

Select campaign settings:

Now comes the turn for a manager to set the exact amount of cost incurred while going off-road for the Google Adwords search campaign. The step involves setting up a campaign by selecting your targets, setting up your budgets and bidding on the trending keywords. Adding up several extensions will help the business to reach out to more bands of customers.

Set up ads groups:

Two types of ad groups are there. Standard ad groups and dynamic ad groups. Standard uses the set of keywords to roll your ads to the relevant web pages.

Create search ads:

The appropriate step comes here. Curating a unique set of search ads helps us move towards reaching new customers in the specified period with fewer cost plans.


After setting up a successful campaign, it is crucial to check campaign performance with the given tools and techniques. Ideally, this is considered as the last step towards moving across your targets for the campaign to run on expected webpages where your prospects might be visiting. It effectively concludes the result. While going through the last step, it is suggested to work on the factors that might affect your campaign strategies. Also, it is essential to choose the required AdWords for which your business can rank over the top pages.

The timings and location are the same as for the offline reports, but the timing works based on the highest traffic period on Google. The place works to place ads on the required search engine pages where traffic is the highest. Taking the example of the local beauty parlour, it is undertaken to meet the necessary keywords to make your audience conveniently reach you.

3.a. Discuss the various stages of the SOSTAC framework (5 Marks) – 400 Word

Answer 3a.


Running a campaign is not easy these days. With the rising competition, we tend to move towards highly advanced marketing strategies among various domains. There should be a systematic approach to follow up with these campaigns to make them successful in the given period. The results will get updated and efficiency while the businesses plan to grab a wide range of audience on their business platforms.

Concepts and Applications:

SOSTAC is one of the known strategies for the marketing team to make the campaign successful in such a manner that it gets accurate results every time it is applied. It specifically helps us with the structuring of the movements. We all aim for the presence of our products and services in the market. It leads us to a higher position in the market. SOSTAC framework helps the business understand the correct form to run a campaign with stipulated results and its measurements. This framework is all about planning your campaign in a systematic approach. If the business wants effective products, in the end, it has to write up a good list of objectives after knowing the current situation of the ongoing marketing campaign. 


Identifying the current digital customers for your product or service and how they will interact with the given brand is the first step to measure your progress for the ongoing campaign. Performing SWOT analysis is the central part of the situational measurement. Another component is to check the landscape of digital channels.


While deciding on the objectives part, one has to be specific while measuring the previous objectives and then move on with the given series of goals for the current campaign. The motive to get along with the process is to provide a clear cut path to enrol for more traffic on the website.


 The relevant strategy to set up your objective into execution is the most crucial part here. The steps followed in this step is to attract – convert – close – delight.


Tactics tell us what should be adopted to make the campaign successful. Effective SEO strategies, along with email marketing, are the most commonly adopted strategy for the product.


The series of questions that are needed to be answered is who – what – where -when -how.


Google Analytics plays a vital role in playing up the performance indicators to measure at the end.


After setting up this popular framework in your campaigns, do not forget to measure your steps every time you set up a new campaign. The changes should always happen to your campaign at every particular interval. It will accurately enhance your strategies. This is why the SOSTAC framework has something to offer every business by tweaking a little bit of meaning of every step. The framework allows companies to experiment a bit on their marketing strategies.

3.b. With relevant examples support each stage of the SOSTAC framework (5 Marks)

Answer 3b.


What is a framework without a practical application? The framework operates efficiently only when there is a practical example waiting for the execution. In this way, a perfect trend is set for the upcoming businesses to look at the successful techniques. This framework will offer appropriate solutions to reach a higher level of position in the market.

Concept and observations:

SOSTAC Framework allows the business to look over the systematic process of how a marketing campaign is done effectively. It helps the team set up performance indicators crucial to measuring what is essential for your business to succeed in the market to obtain high-level positions.

The system helps the managers to look over the relationship between the targets and key performance indicators. Taking the example of local beauty parlors, let us read how this framework helps the business reach the required objectives. However, it has led the organization to approach a systematic approach to lead every campaign by following the specific technique.


A local beauty parlor may have a slow start at an initial stage. This is a common situation for most businesses. Deciding objectives for the same company is what we have to plan for the next step. After going through the present rate of traffic for the parlor, it is suggested to set up the desired plan to walk on the definite path while working on its minor details with the other team.


The next step after going through the present situation for the parlor is setting up a definite objective. How much sales lead this parlor wants is a crucial objective.


Setting up a good SEO strategy for the parlour is what it deserves to have in the initial stages. Setting up the required campaign for different customers online is what the business can thrive for.


The most significant step towards setting up a campaign is the relevant tactic to be used at every step. Tactics are called deciding what relevant keywords to be used for the ad to run online.


Now is the time to run your ad in the given period. Timings are the perfect indicators for your business to run different ads.


The last step comes the turn for the analytics part. How did the ads perform? Is there any relevant traffic? Google analytics answers it all.


Whenever a business is working on an ongoing campaign situation, it is essential to look forward to the upcoming challenges that the marketing techniques are waiting for. Hence, it is necessary to look forward to the fixed course for the particular strategy that a business team plans to implement more goal-oriented assistance to the marketing team to make it crystal clear what a company wants.