Marketing research June 2022

NMIMS Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2022 Examination

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General Assignment for Marketing Research 2022.

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Q1.  A famous restaurant chain is planning to launch a health food restaurant in the four metros. They feel that the ‘eat nutritious food’ fever is catching up among the urban population in India. The restaurants will offer traditional Indian and continental healthy cuisine in a great ambience. They want to assess the readiness of potential customers to consume  healthy and  nutritious  food  and  decide  on  the  menu,  how  much  are  the customers willing to pay and above all what are the expectations of customers from such a restaurant. They want to position the restaurant as upmarket and modern. They also would like to host corporate functions, family ceremonies from birth day to weddings in their premises with a great ambience and healthy and nutritious food menu. What kind of data do you intend to collect? Prepare a research proposal.    (10 Marks)

Q2. Prepare a questionnaire for measuring the satisfaction of customers of a 3-star resort. Ensure that you cover all the aspects of the resort experience from booking to check-out. Use the right scales to measure customer satisfaction.    (10 Marks)

Q3a. A company has launched a new ad for a beauty soap which has been on air for the last two months. The ad promotes a new variant -lemon freshness of the soap and has hired a very popular Hindi film actress. How will you measure the ad effectiveness? (5 Marks)

Q3b. A Hindi film channel wants to create weekly show on latest fashion and trends. They have a few short-listed ideas in hand as far as the content is concerned. They would like to know which idea would be liked by their target audience. What is your suggestion? (5 Marks)

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