Research Methodology

Research Methodology April 2022 Examination


Q1. The central bank of a country is exploring options to boost the economic activities post COVID. They are thinking to change the various interest rates to motivate investments and economic transactions. However, they are not sure whether this would yield the desired results. The research team in the bank have come up with a set of hypotheses and they are  confident  of conducting a  research  and  finding the outcome.  Answer the following questions:

What is hypothesis testing in research? Write the steps which is followed for the same. Include details of null and alternate hypothesis in your answer.  (10 Marks)

Q2. While going through a research paper in a leading journal you have came across the following model, comprising multiple variables:

Research Methodology April 2022
research methodology April 2022

Answer the following questions:

What is meant by “variables” in research? Identify and describe the following: dependent variable, independent variable, mediating variable, and moderating variable. (10 Marks)

Q3. A major FMCG company, headquartered in Mumbai, is planning to diversify its product portfolio. As part of the attempt, they have decided to launch a new product which is more of an ayurvedic variant of one of their famous oral hygiene brands. The research and development team have already come up with the composition and orders have been placed for the manufacturing of the units. However, the managers are still unsure whether they should launch the product in western India first or nationwide at the same time. You, as a research consultant, have been hired to look into the case. You have decided to use the hypothetico-deductive method to arrive at the conclusions.

a. Identify and explain the broad problem area.     (5 Marks)

b. How would you like to proceed further? (5 Marks)

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