Cost and Management Accounting April 2022- Nmims

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Course: Cost and Management Accounting
Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2022 Examination

  1. Department A’s manager wishes to apportionment the indirect expenses identifiable
    with department A to all the other departments of the organization. However, the
    managers of other departments opine that the indirect expenses allocated to department
    A cannot be apportioned to other departments. Elucidate the terms ‘allocation and
    apportionment’ and bring out the differences between them to department A’s manager.
    Also, provide five examples of cost items to the manager that are suitable for
    apportionment and their respective basis of apportionment. Identify if department A’s
    manager was correct. (10 Marks)
  2. Plyway manufactures and sells wooden chairs. The chief accountant of the entity is
    contemplating whether to follow marginal costing or absorption costing for preparing
    the profit statement. Explain any three advantages of marginal as well absorption
    costing to the chief accountant. Also, try to bring out three differences between marginal
    and absorption costing to make the choice easy for the chief accountant. If the chief
    accountant is preparing the profit statement for internal, decision-making purpose,
    which of the two methods should she follow? (10 Marks)
  3. Framers is in the business of trading in frozen mango pulp tins. It always maintains a
    more inventory than required and hence incurs a huge amount of holding (carrying)
    costs. It wishes to know the ideal quantity of inventory to be ordered that would
    minimize the ordering as well as the holding costs. It provides the following
    a. Annual requirement 30,000 packets; cost of one packet is ₹1200; ordering cost is ₹3,240
    per order and holding cost is 5 percent. Compute the economic order quantity.
    (5 Marks)
    b. What is the total inventory cost if the company has been ordering 2,500 packets with
    every order? Would the total inventory cost be higher or lower than the EOQ?
    (5 Marks)

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Strategic Management Assignment April 2022 -NMIMS

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Q1. It is rumored that a Chinese car brand, FAW Haima, plans to enter India. The company will also be launching the FAW Haima 8S, a mid-size SUV in India. You are in charge of the Mahindra and Mahindra SUV division. Please suggest five innovative ideas to source information about your competitor, FAW Haima, so that your company is better prepared to take on this new challenge. (Please assume that the COVID-19 pandemic is over). (10 Marks)

Q2. L1 technologies, a US based Defence contractor wishes to enter India. Conduct a PESTLE analysis for L1 technologies in India & suggest whether L1 technologies should enter India or otherwise. (Please assume that Covid-19 pandemic is over).    (10 Marks)

Q3. You are the Head-Manufacturing of Tata Steel. You are planning to set up a brand-new Manufacturing plant at a village in rural Karnataka.

a. Perform a Stakeholder analysis & suggest which all stakeholders will be taken into confidence & also what would be your communications approach plan to bring them into your point of view? (Please assume that Covid-19 pandemic is over).   (5 Marks)

b. Highlight some of the creative & innovative initiatives that you would undertake to convince the stakeholders that you mean to do good for all the stakeholders.  (Please assume that Covid-19 pandemic is over).    (5 Marks)

Essentials of HRM April 2022

Essentials of HRM

April 2022 Examination

Q1. Explain what human resource management. Briefly discuss and illustrate three important trends influencing human resource management. (10 Marks)

Answer 1.


Human resource management is the most vital duty for any agency or business. A human resource manager operates a business flawlessly. They lease and manage all workers. We call it HRM. Human aid control is the most basic company that sets the firm’s policies and laws. HRM is the management of any employment and is considered a business asset.

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Q2. Discuss the pros and cons of at least four performance appraisal methods. (10 Marks)

Answer 2.


An employee’s performance is evaluated through a performance appraisal. That is their report card, through which they evaluate their manager’s performance from the past to the present. Anyone who has worked for various companies may improve. It is meant to assess the quality of work performed by management and workers in an organization.

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Q3. Managers are proactively improving the employee selection process with various strategies that will ideally enhance corporate success. Some of these strategies focus on improving the quality of the individuals who apply for work as well as those individuals who are actually hired into the organization. Other strategies target the selection process itself and seek to improve the various activities involved in proper hiring. The overriding theme of these efforts is that the staffing and selection function is a key component of an organization’s strategy because the process ideally provides highly motivated and qualified employees who can ultimately impact the financial and operational well-being of a company.

Hallmark Cards is one company that emphasizes selection. It recently developed a recruiting metric called “staffing index” that enables management to track the degree to which newly hired employees are performing as expected on the job. A series of evaluations are conducted over time, and scores are compared to obtain a longitudinal perspective on the quality of the hiring decisions.

United Health Group is another organization that has improved its selection activities with proper strategic planning and execution. The company’s vice president of recruitment services decided to modify hiring procedures within the organization by splitting job candidates into two basic groups. The first group of individuals was comprised of high-level professionals who would be recruited by internal staffing specialists, while the second group included various staff and line personnel who would be acquired through outsourcing contacts. This “two-pronged” strategy enabled the company to save money through increased control and efficiency.

These various strategic selection approaches enable companies to improve the manner in which employees are hired and placed within a hierarchy of jobs. Many other strategies could be employed in different employment situations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of selection. Overall, these efforts should increase the degree of fit between employees and organizations and increase the completion of strategic objectives.

a. Compare and contrast the two selection strategies used by the organizations discussed in the case. (5 Marks)

b. What other strategies might help organizations better utilize and manage selection activities? (5 Marks)


Answer 3a.


A recruiting strategy is a vital tool for attracting top talent to your firm. Notable organisations choose applicants in unusual ways. Here are two approaches discussed.

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Answer 3b.


A recruiting strategy is a vital tool for attracting great staff. An employee is crucial to any business since they can help it grow.

Essentials of HRM

Organisational Behaviour April 2022 Examination

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School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)

Course: Organisational Behaviour

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2022 Examination

1. During lockdown when human face to face interactions were reduced and social distancing was a priority lot have people have watched videos on Youtube and learnt/tried a lot of D.I.Y. things and processes like make-up tutorials, food recipes, home care etc, the core foundation of watching others and doing was given as a part of which theory, by whom and in which year. Also state the 3 core concepts of this theory.

(10 Marks)

2. Your team members need some change in behaviour, you discussed this with your friend John. John recommends Law of Effects he felt it works on humans very strongly. John couldn’t remember the theory. Could you predict which theory is John referring to, who proposed this theory. Which four methods can be used in this theory for controlling behaviour of employees? (10 Marks)

3. Spread across 100 countries and its headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 2,40,000 people. Tech Mahindra is one of only three Indian companies to be included in the Bloomberg 2020 Gender-Equality Index. They are constantly creating a transparent policy, valuing individual differences.

For Tech Mahindra, diversity of every kind is of importance. Be it diversity of one’s nationality or someone’s age, be it about gender, also about thoughts, or their abilities. In fact their constant endeavor is building a workplace that is ‘intentionally’ varied and diversified in every way possible.”

a. What are the lessons to be learnt from Tech Mahindra Gender-Equality Index?

(5 Marks)

b. What practices would you recommend other Indian corporate houses to enable change of diversity and sustain it. (5 Marks)


Marketing Management April 2022

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School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)

Course: Marketing Management

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2022 Examination

1. The concept of reserving an Ola Scooter by paying ₹499 means that customer will be first in line to purchase it when the company announces its deliveries. The company also gives an option to cancel and get a refund anytime. Based on the statement, plan an appropriate

Segmentation, Targeting for Ola Scooter considering the profile of the Indian consumer. (10 Marks)

2. After PUBG Mobile reentered the Indian market in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India, ByteDance may be attempting something similar with TikTok. ByteDance has applied for a new trademark having ‘TickTock’ as the wordmark with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Suggest a suitable promotion mix for ‘TickTock’

(10 Marks)

3. Read the case & answer the questions based on the case:

Britannia Marie Gold is facing severe competition in the markets where they were leaders. Due to entry of new players, the company has witnessed a decline in sales. The Marketing head has called for meeting along with the Brand Management team to discuss the way out to face the increasing competition.

a. What Line extension strategies would you suggest to counter the competition? Justify your answer. (5 Marks)

b. Suggest an appropriate promotion mix for Britannia Marie Gold. (5 Marks)

Management Theory and Practice April 2022

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School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)

Course: Management Theory and Practice

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2022 Examination

1. Amar Bajaj Ltd, a company dealing with PVC pipes has traditionally been a centralized company from generations run by the founders. Now as the 3rd Generation steps in to take over the reins, they feel its high time, they go decentralized as the firm has grown  leaps and bounds and become a mid-sized company today from the small scale it started with. They have hired you as a consultant for the same. Can you guide them about the same by making them aware of the pros and cons of both and helping them take a decision? (10 Marks)

2. Pri Rock, a company dealing in gems and precious stones polishing earlier only had a base in Surat. It has now expanded its wings to Mumbai too and want to also get into other avenues of Jewelry. They have hired you as a consultant to help them design their organizational structure as earlier they used to follow the traditional line structure. They would want to use the 6-box model in order to determine what structure will suit them the best. Can you guide them on the same? (10 Marks)

3. Simon Quartz, is an age-old company dealing in mechanical wrist watches and wall clocks. They feel that over the years their employees have lost their motivation and their performance standards is dipping.

a. They have hired you as a consultant. Can you guide them about how can they use Mc Cleland’s Theory of Needs to motivate their employees? (5 Marks)

b. Also, can you use ERG Theory, to help guide them to motivate their employees?

(5 Marks)

Information Systems for Managers April 2022

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School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)

Course: Information Systems for Managers

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2022 Examination

1. You have been appointed as IT Head of a soon to be opened bank in India by the name of “People’s bank” which will have branches all over India. People’s bank is a private sector bank. Highlight atleast 5 security threats that a bank may face in today’s times and  suggest 5 innovative IT security mechanisms to ensure that such threats do not harm your bank & that your systems remain as secure as ever. (10 Marks)

2. It is often stated that “E-governance helps in building trust between governments and citizens”. Do you agree with this statement? If yes, provide one detailed example of any EGovernance project undertaken by any municipality in any part of India. Provide features of the project & benefits. If No, then justify with appropriate reasons (minimum 10 reasons) as to why eGovernance does not facilitate trust. (10 Marks)

3. The city of Srinagar is the largest city and the summer capital of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in India. You have been invited as an external IT consultant by Government of India with a mandate to convert Srinagar into a “Smart City”

a. Which “Smart” city in the world will you choose as a benchmark to emulate some of the best practices of that city into Srinagar? Provide atleast 3 reasons with brief descriptions behind your choice of choosing that particular city as a benchmark?

(5 Marks)

b. Suggest & describe atleast 2 innovative technology enabled services that you will introduce into Srinagar so that it can be called as a “Smart city”? (5 Marks)

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Business Economics April 2022

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School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)

Course: Business Economics

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2022 Examination

1. Mr. Shyam have been appointed as a Business economics faculty in a reputed B School. Students are inquisitive to know how this subject would help them in decision making to any organization. Help Mr. Shayam to highlight and elaborate on student’s query.

2. Complete the hypothetical table below and explain in brief the law of variable proportions. (10 Marks)

QuantityTotal ProductAverage ProductMarginal product

3.a. Large-scale production is considered economical in the sense of per unit cost. Explain the statement by describing different types of economies of scale. Give examples to substantiate your answer (5 Marks)

3.b. Highlight the difference between shift and the movement in the demand curve.

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